Month: June 2018

Bay Area Roofing Remodel

Roofing Have you just noticed your winter-beaten roof damage? Say no more you have come to the right place! Direct Home Remodeling Inc. strives to bring you rooftops that will last longer than a lifetime. Home Remodeling Inc. has been repairing, replacing, and installing new roofs for the past 20 years whether it is storm-damaged or just time taking its toll. Types of Roofing/Materials The many types of roofing services we offer are carefully instructed by expert roofing technicians that accommodate any architectural specifications you need when designing the roof of your home. We explain what each component will do and we provide you with the...

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Pool Cleaning

  Ever jumped into your pool and thought to yourself how dirty it was with the leaves and algae? No!! I would hope not but if you notice the little things beforehand we salute you! For those of you have made the mistake of jumping in the water without actually cleaning it, this article is or you. Cleaning a Pool?   When winter takes over there can be a lot of debris and dirt flown into the pool. Without proper cleaning, it will make your life a bit more frustrating for you to enjoy during the summer. In order to take proper...

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Summertime What a beautiful season to celebrate with dinner on the patio! Summer is right around the corner and Direct Home Remodeling Inc finds it crucial to be starting your patio remodel.  BBQs, flip-flops and slip n slide with the kids, these summer activities bring the family outside and help kickstart your annual summer festivities.   Why? Mosquitos may be a pest for everyone so don’t forget the bug candles. We emphasize remodeling your patio before the summer so when summertime occurs you are able to relax. The moment you come home from work, hanging out in your backyard, and cooking outside! Sitting back, enjoying the sunset,...

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Bathroom Remodel

Direct Home Remodeling Bathroom Remodeling Bathroom A bathroom is visited by many members of the house, even more so, it is simply not a temporary rest stop for a quick shower anymore.  As frequently as people use the bathrooms, the tiles, and ceramics, items are slowly deteriorating. Our specialists make sure to use all available space creating a bathroom for all comforts and features asked for. All of your bathroom remodeling specifications will be carried out down to the most important detail. As you can see in this Los Gatos home, we kept the beach theme modern. Renovation The...

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Why Are Kitchen Cabinets So Important This Month?

For the month of June, we are offering 20% off all customers looking to upgrade their kitchen and cabinetry. How noticeable are the cabinets in this kitchen? Did you see them hidden within the walls? Direct Home Remodeling Inc. strives to make your cooking experiences perfect from breakfast to dinner. Think about a house without anywhere to store any of your pots and pans, cups and plates. Your countertops would look pretty messy, don’t you think?   Why? If you enjoy the act of cooking with clean countertops and easy to access pots and pans, you will understand why we emphasize drawers and cabinets. The...

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