Month: July 2018

Solar Panel Roofing

Find out why solar can save you money in the long run! Think of a solar roof as an investment for your home. If you’re going to be living there for the long run of life, you might as well save yourself some money. Sure, it is expensive but the money you will save after a 3-year investment is your money back and more!! There are also a lot more reasons to why you should convert to solar other than money, but to start it off let’s take a look at how much you will save with a rough estimate....

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Summer Is The Best Time To Kill Your Weeds!

When As August and September rolls around we recommend preparing cleaning your front yard from pesky weeds invading your yard. With this moment in time in mind, we believe it is essential now to start killing your weeds due to the weather changing from hot to cold, helping stunt and stop the growth of plants. The best time to start weeding your garden is as often as you can if you don’t have the time though please take the time to start preparing in late April and don’t stop until late September. We recommend this process of killing weeds...

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Backsplash Materials & Why They Matter? | Direct Home Remodeling Inc

See the brick…That’s your backsplash. Protecting your wall and paint from unnecessary oils from splashing off your stove onto the back of your wall. Hence the name backsplash, but let me go ahead and explain the importance of selecting the best texture for your kitchen design. A Backsplash provides multiple benefits to your home for you to protect your walls and kitchen cooking area in order to keep clean and low maintenance. The different materials provide different types of themes or styles you can incorporate into your kitchen. These themes or styles add a personal touch to the kitchen, eliminating stains,...

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Best Plants for Landscape Design!

Low Maintenance Plants The idea of a drought-tolerant plant is to not worry about the watering and still have and provide your landscape with a beautiful foliage. The plants add a texture to the home giving the landscape a new and refreshed look. The best part about drought-tolerant plants is that they last for a long time going without water, hence the name drought-tolerant. This is perfect for houses in the Bay Area California due to the amount of dry summer everyone is experiencing. Without plants, though they can make a front or backyard home look…….lonely. Within this article, we...

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Maximize Your Backyard Before Summer!!

  Summer is flying by, are you utilizing your backyard to its fullest potential? Got a lot of space, and don’t know what to use it for, add a small pool. Is your patio in the sun with no shade, add a small gazebo. Always throwing a bbq but don’t have a very pleasing seating arrangement in the backyard. Create a vision and let us help you build it. When the heat of summer is kicking in, we noticed it is clear that a lot of homeowners see potential with there backyard. Usually they like to change it a little later than...

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