Finding Your Identity In Design Trends

The decor of your domicile is a wonderful way to reflect who you are as a person or family. You want people to instantly get a sense of you the moment they walk into your home. There are standard themes like rustic, urban, classic, simplistic, or eclectic, and then there are trends that will come and go and come back again. While you want to avoid a full re-decorate every season (hello time, waste, and money) starting with a basic foundation that can host changing trends through the years with simple updates (pillows, candles, knick-knacks) is a great place to start. Before you know it, the trends of 2018 will be a thing of the past, but you can still choose a palette today with the longevity to easily transform as time goes by. Here are a few trends that can help you create your design identity and some tricks to always keep them current.


The great thing about neutral palates is they go with anything. Think of apartment living. Almost every apartment wall in existence is either boring beige or not quite noticeable blue. Worst case scenario the walls are stark white. But that too can have its advantage. If you live in an apartment – and are settled in past your one-year lease and on a permanent month-to-month – picking a wall to accent with a pop of color is an easy and affordable way to make it less blah. If you own a home though, neutrals can still be your best friend and a great jumping off point in your interior decorating. Neutrals aren’t just limited to beige and powder blue. Soft hues of pink, green, and yellow create a delicate palate on which you can add the essence that is you from top to bottom. A subtle shade of buttercream will complement any color you choose to implement through upholstery, sheets, blankets, and rugs, or the spines of books on your shelf. Dark furniture contrasts beautifully against a pale shade of chartreuse, but also welcomes lighter stains of wood. You can choose to commit to full neutral tones creating a very earthy vibe, or use it as your base to pile on the variety and niche bits of you that you’ve accumulated over the years from travels and experiences.

Classic Black and White

If you like clean and simplified living, going black and white can never fail. A more sophisticated and elite flair, the stark contrast of black and white together make the options limitless. Keep it simple with your colors and explore your adventurous side with patterns and textures. In the kitchen, for example, white cabinets with black marble countertops and stainless steel appliances keeps it sleek and classy but also provides that extra touch with the swirling effect of marble and polished steel. Bring life into the room with a vibrant green plant like Aloe, Bamboo, or Succulents in a textured white pot. Place an area rug under your dining room table with a complex black and white geometric pattern. You can literally make your kitchen look like the way Catherine O’Hara’s character Moira Rose dresses in Pop TV’s Schitt’s Creek. Textures and patterns keep it simple, yet interesting.

Fifty Shades of Your Favorite Color
Monochromatic palettes are a rich, elegant way to dress up a room. Much the way a full neutral commitment takes on an earthy tone, choosing one color and implementing it throughout the room with various hues creates a cozy environment. Be bold in your color choice. A darker shade for the walls in a large room will envelope the space making it feel smaller, whereas a brighter color in a smaller room makes it feel more expansive. You can stay in the darker spectrum of color to invoke feelings of fall or energize a room with bright, saturated hues. And just like the Black and White option, with a monochromatic palette you have free range in playing with texture and pattern to bring intrigue to a room.

Everything And The Kitchen Sink

Eclectic is drawing ideas, style, or taste from a broad variety of inspiration. For the traveller or lover of many things, it can be hard to pinpoint a design theme. Well, why not let your expansive experiences be the theme? Tom Stoppard wrote in his play Arcadia “Life is a march… We shed as we pick up… The procession is very long and life very short.” As you transition from adventure to adventure, you accumulate things that over time become dear to you. When a relative passes, you take the little things like a piece of their miniature collection to keep their memory alive. Souvenirs from travels abroad spark the memory of those magical nights in Madrid. But rather than letting them sit in a box accumulating dust, put them on display. You can tie together photos from your relationship as it has evolved over time by unifying the frames they inhabit. Hit the thrift and bargain stores to flesh out an aesthetic inspiration from the color palette of the antique writing desk that used to be your Grandmother’s. Chances are, if the objects have value to you, they’ll add value to your home as well.

Ultimately, while styles come and go, you are marvelously you and that’s the best basis for inspiration in your decorating. Small changes can be made to easily update a space, like finding the cutest accent table at a bargain brand store on super sale, but laying a solid foundation rooted firmly in your style, your essence will guide you to success time and again.