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Designing a Sunnyvale, CA kitchen remodel is supposed to be fun for homeowners working with a good remodeling contractor. Remodeling contractors should do more listening and less talking when first meeting a customer. That’s where most remodeling goes wrong, at the very start. Designing your remodel should showcase your dreams, not make it cookie-cutter easy for your contractor. With over 25 years of design experience to draw on, Direct Home Remodeling has experience and expertise to make that happen.

That’s what working with our designers is all about. It’s all about you. Think of our designers as resources to fill out the design style you have in mind. They take your thoughts seriously about kitchen remodeling. And looking at the possibilities can be a lot of fun! Do you like to entertain casually? Do you like to cook? Unsurprisingly,  most people want to change the floor plan in their kitchen. Just doing that can create a radical and rewarding design using the same cabinets and fixtures. When many home developments were built, it was on a cookie-cutter basis to make it fast and easy to do. Even with quality cabinets, the wrong layout can destroy the ambiance and utility the kitchen should have.

That’s why if a layout isn’t right, new cabinets with the same layout won’t make it better. Let us handle the entire project from design to finish.

It’s not uncommon to move plumbing and electrical with a new floor plan. Our construction crews have the skills and experience to make this happen smoothly. Don’t settle! Why would you when you can have the kitchen just the way you want it?

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Direct Home Remodeling doesn’t just want to build your kitchen remodel. We want all your remodeling projects in Sunnyvale, CA. With the work we do, your neighbors are going to be jealous and a little kitchen envy is great for our business.

We are going to show you all the small detail that can make your kitchen special. It’s the small touches like adding a rail to your cabinets that draws you in when you enter the kitchen. Direct Home Remodeling designers will give you a design that complements your lifestyle.

With over 20 years of design and construction experience in Sunnyvale, CA remodeling, we are the premier contractor you want to call first. Sit down with us and experience the first difference first hand. You’ll notice is that our designers’ focus is all on you. It’s your idea, your dream, and your kitchen remodel that has to be perfect.

Our building group is knowledgeable tradesmen that love the work they do. That’s why we guarantee a successful project. Our guys go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect. Each of our crews carries experts that have been in the business for decades. They have seen any kind of difficulty that pop-up during a renovation from time to time. The good part is they have the skills to take care of any problems fast.

Our superintendents working directly with you are experienced pros. They’ll make sure your remodeling goes smoothly and fast. Our supervisors are there to respond to your questions and arrange to schedule. They are responsible for keeping your project completed on time.

Direct Home Remodeling is the Sunnyvale, CA kitchen remodeling contractors to discuss your design with for all the reasons listed above. Call us today and let’s get your renovation off to its best start!

Our kitchen designers work with your kitchen remodeling ideas and present you a 3D image of your finished kitchen. You won’t have to just imagine your ideas but will take an animated walk through your completed kitchen. The exciting thing about this is you get to see how it all comes together. You can fiddle with the details really easy this way.

We Have the Best Contractors for a Kitchen Remodel Sunnyvale Project

We’ve found that with so many choices of cabinets, fixtures, and trimming are available, the 3D modeling software is the easiest way for you to see every detail in your kitchen remodel. Most customers find some details they thought they wanted are wrong for their own custom kitchen design. Having the ability to see the kitchen really helps.

That’s why we say designing your kitchen only has one limit. It’s your imagination. You decide what you want in your kitchen. And that’s what you’ll get with Direct Home Remodeling.

When you sit down with us, that’s the first thing we want to drive home. It’s good to dream big, isn’t it?

We can look at all the latest technology that is constantly evolving. We can even build in add-on points so that later down the road you will be able to add newer tech as it comes out in the future. Your kitchen, as well as your home, can be integrated into one system at your leisure.

We are delighted to help turn the most important room in your home into a stunning new space you’ll be proud of. Call us and talk to our design team. Let’s discuss the details you have determined already. We can look through a range of kitchen design styles and draw more ideas from them.  From classic to contemporary, you have loads to choose from.