New 2018 Trends for Your Kitchen Remodel

Your Kitchen Wants to Keep Up with the Latest Trends! 

As we approach the holiday season, we begin to think about the new year that is coming, and the new trends that will come up in 2018. The holiday season is a great time to remodel your kitchen, since the prices are usually lower, and it is the best time to design your new kitchen to the latest trends. We’ve gathered the top trends for 2018 to help you find your next kitchen:

Open Space

No more messy counters, try to have your appliances inside designated cabinets to open up your kitchen. Clean designs makes your kitchen bigger and empower the joy of cooking.

Tone Cabinets

A great new trend that is coming up is two tone cabinets. Having two different finishes to your cabinets like black and white, or light wood and quartz can really upgrade your kitchen and give it an elegant, fresh look.

Wider Sinks 

This is the greatest thing that can happen to your kitchen. Avoid uncomfortable dishwashing and get a wider sink. You’ll have room for all the dishes and no splashes all over the counter.

Light Gold and Silver Handles

Gold and silver are back! Add a final touch for your design with gold or silver handles for your cabinets, or your faucet and you will not regret it!

New Tech – As with every year, new technology for your kitchen is always trendy. For 2,018 the emphasis is on energy efficiency. Try to reduce food waste with storage containers with dating systems built-in, or add a water-saving faucet. Another trendy new technology is in-door fridges. Have your most usable items in a front door, and all the rest in the back door.

Less Cabinets, Deeper Drawers  

In your next kitchen remodel, try to avoid top cabinets, and add a low level island to enlarge the room and bring more lights to your kitchen. You can compensate for the storage space you lost with deeper drawers.   


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