Solar Panel Roofing

Find out why solar can save you money in the long run!

Think of a solar roof as an investment for your home. If you’re going to be living there for the long run of life, you might as well save yourself some money. Sure, it is expensive but the money you will save after a 3-year investment is your money back and more!!

There are also a lot more reasons to why you should convert to solar other than money, but to start it off let’s take a look at how much you will save with a rough estimate.

To understand how much solar will save you, you will have to calculate your spending bill, and then multiply that by the national averages electricity rate. ($0.1301 per kWh) As of Nov. 2017. You can find out that the typical American spends over 1,400 a year on electricity itself.

Benefits Of Having Your Solar Roof Done By Pros

After figuring out the math behind these calculations, you will have to consider the risk of electric prices either going up or down. Basically determining what utility rates will be in the upcoming years. Once you compare the cost, with home solar and utility electric, keep in mind that the electricity rates slowly can increase annually. In the past decade, national electricity costs increased at a rate of 2.2% every year. When you learn you can generate your own house with a rooftop PV system, that’s when you take control of energy costs so that you aren’t victimized by the variable utility rates.

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The reason most people don’t succumb to a full transition up front is usually the main investment price ahead of time. The costs associated with solar after purchase is the installation and any added electricity costs that happen, not solar powered. To determine how the size of your PV system, we recommend calling us or doing some research online.