Winter Preparation For Construction Workers

Tips for Enjoying a Home Remodeling Project Even in Cold Season

Getting ready for the cold months ahead?

Let us help you cut the stress and move forward with your home remodeling project, by preparing you and your project with your team in mind. These quick rules and guidelines will help your home remodeling project move smoothly in order for you to keep peace at mind.

Safety First

The first and most important rule of thumb to keep in mind for your work is Safety. Without safety having your construction workers work for you is going to be a lot harder. Especially if something goes wrong, as a team, you guys would be held back. Making sure the ice is thawed out and not slippery is also key for project managers to be aware of for places with below-freezing temperature.

Dress Code

Although construction labor can get your blood flowing quickly, it’s important to layer up. Ensuring a sense of requirement for your workers to dress comfortable but in layers is highly recommended. We want to make sure if the team is working in freezing conditions to make sure they are also warm beneath their layers preventing them from being susceptible to the cold.

Also, a very important tip is to help provide these acts of kindness to your workers, whether it be from buying gloves, or long sleeves, to even construction jackets making sure they are warm and still representing the company with swag.

Vehicle Safety

Is your team of workers using vehicles to get around and moving large pieces of wood, marble or slabs of materials? Lets go ahead and tackle the idea o construction vehicle safety.  Check all company vehicles to make sure the tires have air in them at the correct tire pressure levels.

Inspect and test batteries to make sure they are not going to freeze when the cold overcomes the winter. Ensure the the driver visability is safe and double check to see if the windshields and wiper blades for excessive streaking or cracks is removed.

Emerency Kits should be in every vehicle. Certain items like a first aid supply, jumper cables, and winter clothes or blankets with emergency food and water. If anything happens to the workers, they will be prepared with the necessary supplies.

Driving in the winter requires a different approach instead of the normal summer driving. Workers must be aware of potential black ice if it was not removed in time. They should also be aware of the conditions of driving in winter compared to summer and the damage that can be made if not driven safely.

Encourage Health and Safety

During winter it can be a stressful time for you and your workers, but the main concern is the health and well being of your workers. In the cold for hours on end can lead to a number of illnesses and injuries. Providing warm clothes and resources to keep your workers safe from the cold is key for construction companies for workers in the field.

Creating a comprehensive winter risk management plan in place for your team is essential. This makes sure you follow code lines and guidelines if something major happens in the case of an injury on site.