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    San Jose Home Remodeling

    Direct Home Remodeling Inc. is a licensed and fully insured company serving the San Jose area for years. Our specialty lies in creative home remodeling and luxury home renovations. We will take care of all the building plans and permits.


    Complete Remodeling

    Our design will include all aspects of your complete remodeling project. Direct Home Remodel builds and designs homes in the the bay area.


    Kitchen Remodeling

    The ability to modernize your kitchen is now at the palm of your hands. It’s easier than ever, especially if you’re living in the bay area. We can do both small and big projects.


    Bathroom Remodeling

    Choose from among our award-winning designs or come up with your very own one-of-a-kind bathroom idea. Remodel your bathroom to your dream one without the hassles attached.


    Room Additions

    Add a new room without disturbing the styling element of your home. You can be the envy of all when you build a new room complete with customized designs.

    Windows & Doors

    Contact us for all door and window installation needs. With just a few changes, you can make your home look and feel brand new.


    Roofing Services

    Our specialists will work with you on a roof you deserve. We can assist you with roof installation, maintenance and repairs.

    The Best San Jose Contractor for a Job Well Done

    A home remodeling project might be a bit overwhelming when you think about all the details. But our San Jose contractor is ready to turn this hassle into a pleasant journey! No matter what kind of project you decide to invest in, the results are likely to be impressive. With the help of our remodeling company, the new project will blend in with the rest of your house.
    Furthermore, we can offer you cutting-edge elements that combine with traditional structures.  Any way you look at it, a house remodel project is a great opportunity to put your imagination to good use. Our team will be there to assist you with everything you want to know about texture, materials, and colors.
    But the good news doesn’t stop here! 
    Starting a new project doesn’t mean you’ll have less time for your family and friends. You can forget about stressing over getting the right documents. From permits to handling blueprints, our San Jose home remodeling team will take care of everything.
    So, the only thing you have to do is enjoy your free time! 

    Wide Range of Services Perfectly Tailored for Your Needs

    A master bathroom will make your mornings a little bit brighter. Not to mention that you’ll have a luxurious SPA only for yourself. A home office will increase your productivity; Easier to work in an environment YOU built.
    If you think that you need more natural sunlight, you can choose a room addition project. And our team will transform it into a sunroom.The greatest thing about a home remodeling project is that it will give you plenty of options.
    Plus, every time you might get bored with the layout, you can always change it. Your family and friends will enjoy your new project too. Think about it this way: an extra place in your house means being able to welcome more people. In turn, that lets you create better memories with your friends and family.

    In the long run, investing in a home remodeling project might have better results than you might expect. 

    Research reveals that this project can boost your house’s value. Of course, not just any kind of home remodeling project will do that. But you shouldn’t worry about these kinds of details. 

    Our San Jose contractor will make sure that the project’s design will benefit you in the future too. 

    Hiring the Best San Jose Contractor Will Guarantee You Only Quality Results

    Here, at Direct Home Remodeling, we strive to make this process a pleasant and enjoyable one. By putting your needs and wishes first, we’ll make sure you’ll have a stress-free experience.

    Helping you stay in touch with your general San Jose contractor is one of the most important elements we like to focus on. 

    This is why we opened a 24/7 contact line, where you can call your experts anytime you want. 

    Even if it’s about the status of your project, or you have some urgent questions, we will be there to answer all of them.

    Our Happy Customers Say It Best

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